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. >> reporter: they are facing vocal opposition from critic of a plan to bring in william bratton. they think spending $250,000 to hire former los angeles police chief and new york police commissioner william bratton is a waste of money. bratton is attractive to city officials because of the expertise. some of his past policies are considered overzealous. even unconstitutional including stop and terrific. after a deadly 2012 with 126 homicides though, city officials say something needs to be done. >> there's no proof that gang conjunctions work. there's no proof that youth curfews work. >> it's about management. jordan needs to go. william bratton needs to go. and we need to go up and line the doors of opd. >> let me say this. he is one of the most profound experts in policing in america. we're fortunate to have a relationship with him. i support him being here. >> we're all over the place. i think we need to be able to craft a strategy for oakland and how we're going to provide safety for our neighborhoods. >> reporter: the committee is expected to approve that contract tonight and send it t
ciudad. take vo ---se trata del ex-jefe de la policia de los angeles, william bratton quien ganara un salario de 250 mil dolares por ayudar a combatir el crimen en oakland. ---bratton es reconocido por haber logrado disminuir el crimen en nueva york y los angeles pero tambien por su politica de detencion en la calle a personas con apariencia sospechosa. ---la alcaldesa jean quan apoya la contratacion de bratton... la votacion se espera suceda en cualquier momento. cesar ---y precisamente la violencia con las armas de fuego continua implacable en la ciudad de oakland... pitch - blanca ---en esta ocasion, un agente de policia fue baleado durante el cumplimiento de su deber. take vo ---y esta maÑana la policia de esa ciudad realizo una verdadera caceria humana para encontrar a los reponsables de haber abierto fuego contra el policia encubierto. ---despues de varias horas, la policia detuvo a 5 personas bajo sospecha de haber participado en el tiroteo. ---pilar niÑo nos amplia... 0:01 0:08 1:24 1:50 take pkg desde anoche se desato un operativo masivo en oakland, despues de que un oficia
is as controversial measure to hire former new york and los angeles police chief william bratton. as a consultant. >> the city council meeting lasted uuntil about 2:00 this morning. kron fours will tran joins us. b a lot >> a lot of people are not happy because he comes from a controversial history. he has had success in other cities but how he achieved it people feel is the wrong way. as does the here and oaklanespecially here in oaklan >> bratton was voted in seven to one. he is aggressive and used tactics such as stop and frisk. the community is wary that will lead to racial profiling. -- the community is worried. >> in the past african- american ministers have been against police policy. in this case is a desperate times call for desperate measures. they are in support. here's a picture of william bratton. >> he comes to open with the tab of $250,000. he is just a consultant. he does not have the final word. he comes in with the endorsement of mayor jean quan and police chief howard jordan. >> jordan is not for stop and frisk. he will be against it if it comes up. he assures people that would
, are desperately searching for ways to stop a surge in gun violence. on wednesday it hired william bratton, the former los angeles police chief, as a consultant. last year there were 117 gun deaths in oakland and 14 since the school shooting in newtown, connecticut, six weeks ago. john blackstone takes a closer look. >> reporter: at a crowded city council meeting that ran into early morning, residents of oakland debated how to bring crime under control. >> with the climate of violence in our city will all of us make it home safe tonight? >> reporter: the city council voted to call in outside help, spending $250,000 to get advice from william bratton, former police chief in los angeles and new york. >> yeah, we need help, and we need help bad. >> reporter: larry reed, oakland's vice mayor, says he's even started wearing a bulletproof vest. >> this is the first time i've ever been afraid for myself and my family. >> reporter: but this resident wasn't sure that bratton has the answers that oakland needs. some worry that bratton's use of stop and frisk, a tactic in
approved a measure to hire former new york and los angeles police chief william bratton . as a consultant to provide advice to the oakland police department. kron fours will tran is live from oakland. >> 2 and one-half hours ago they decided against the us go ahead and hire william bratton. here is video of the contentious meeting that wrapped up around 2:10 a.m.. it started late in the night. a lot of people showed up. many people are upset because they believe the money but $250,000 that he and his group will be paid could go to other things to fight crime including social services. >> they say his aggressive tactics which include stop and frisk could lead to racial profiling. >> oakland is dealing with a record high level last year's series crime numbers went up to 3%. that is why --23%. here's a picture of william brattton. >> the community is concerned about what he plans to do although he has been successful in the back. >> off the police say the stop and frisk is not their style. they want to reduce the kron level in oakland. by the way which is the highest in the state. that is w
detroit, william bratton. oakland mayor jean quan and police chief jordan said this city needs help to quell the violence. >> the people and the city have made it clear that public safety is one of their no. 1 issues. >> reporter: and they say former top cop in l.a. and new york, william bratton, can bring his decades of expertise to oakland to support the effort. >> he really felt that the community has to be involved at every level of the planning, and the execution of crime fighting. this particular plan is not about bill bratton. >> reporter: but the protest is. >> please, god, don't do it for something that doesn't even work! >> reporter: all of this followed the contentious city council meeting that lasted until early this morning [ screaming and yelling ] >> reporter: today, opponents of william bratton and his more aggressive brand of policing -- >> these policies continue to be a hot-button issue. they continue to be something that oaklanders have come out and rejected, whether it be gang injunctions or curfews. >> reporter: city officials say bratton will start working on
consultant, william bratton, who let police departments in new york, boston and los angeles. he has strong supporters and critics. baton has a history -- bratton has a history of helping crime but there is concern about his stop and frisk and zero tolerance. >>> let's find out what's cooking on this tuesday. >> we've got a storm brewing. we haven't said that for three weeks, it looks like, yeah, we've got clouds beginning to make their way across the skies. no rain today, it will be a fairly pleasant day outside. hazy sunshine. you can see the storm clouds off the coastline but that is going to start to move onshore, as we head toward tomorrow. we're going to see rain making a welcome return to the bay area. now clearing out of the atmosphere, getting out the pollutants building up over the past few weeks. outside high clouds, still chilly temperatures down below, and fog, and freezing temperatures in the santa rosa area, visibility down to half a mile. 38degrees in san jose, 42 san francisco, 35 degrees in livermore. by the afternoon we'll see
york william bratton. ---esta cantidad es aparte de los otros 100 mil dolares que la ciudad ya le esta pagando a un socio de bratton quien tambien esta ofreciendo asesoria a la ciudad para reorganizar su departamento de policia. ---segun una fuente cercana a bratton, este podria lograr grandes cambios para combatir la delincuencia ante la falta de elementos. blanca ---nueva pausa pero a continuacion, take vo ---el gobierno de venezuela revela nuevos detalles sobre la salud del presidente hugo chavez.. take vo --una bacteria asesina causa panico entre padres de una comunidad en mexico.. los detalles al volver.. segment ends blanca --el gobierno venezolano informo hoy sobre la situacion de salud del presidente hugo chavez. vo --el ministro de comunicacion, ernesto villegas, dijo que chavez se encuentra en una situacion estacionaria en relacion con la descrita en el mas reciente reporte cuando se informo sobre la insuficiencia respiratoria que enfrenta el comandante como consecuencia de una infeccion pulmonar en el curso del post- operatorio. --hugo chavez, debe tomar posesion de un nuevo
and los angeles police chief william bratton is known for his controversial tactics. also for his previouis successes in reducing crime. one of his strategies is stop and frisk, which many are opposed to. oakland police chief howard jordan says that is not something they plan on implementing. >> that is not something that we will be implementing. our policy is reasonable cause. >> pam: bratton is expected to start mid february. coming up and sports more practice with what alex smith had to say about being passed up to colin kaepernick. and also the nba, the oklahoma thunder. gary radnich is next. >> gary: could keeping everybody. the 49ers want to get as much work done in santa clara before the go to new orleans it is just a matter of being comfortable. they know the scene colin kaepernick is doing everything, like lifting. i think the highlight is that alex smith. has not said it too much if you listen to alex speak today. he says all the right things. >> i think what i've been impressed with most in his the lack of young mistakes. they show flashes and they are good at times but
measure to hire former new york and los angeles police chief william bratton as a consultant. the city council meeting lasted until about 2:00 this morning. the citkron 4 will tran joins us live from oakland police headquarters. >> about four hours ago they decided to bring in this controversy go police chief. he is just a consultant but this is rubbing a lot of people the wrong way. here is video of the meeting. although they had known about this for quite some time. critics of this decision stated that bringing in him believe that he is very aggressive and that he used to attack the causes. they stated that this could lead to racial profiling against african- americans and latinos. this cut also possibly some of them shooting innocent children. people that are for him stated that desperate times call for desperate measures. here is a picture of him. he comes in at $250 and dollars for this job.two hundred and $50,00r this job.$250,000 for this job. it city council said they understand how controversial this is but they did see a lot of crime bill went up by 23 percent. they want to s
of william bratton. continue to see rainfall and when it will stop >> now for a look at our top stories at eight-thirty. firefighters are mopping up a fire that raged through an abandoned house on the outskirts of downtown oakland. it broke out just before 5- 30 on harrison street. and burned for close to an hour and a half. at least one injury was reported. the cause is under investigation. >> two people are in recovering after being shot along a bike trail in el cerrito. the victims are described as being in their late teens. police say multiple people were seen fleeing the area. and they are still searching for the shooter. >> and san jose police are asking for your help finding a man who tried to abduct a teenage girl. investigators say the man grabbed the 13-year-old early friday morning and dragged her into a driveway. she was able to fight him off. and the suspect ran away. he's described as hispanic man between 25-and-35 years old. a lot of rain falling in the bay area today. jacqueline is back with another check of the weather. >> jacqueline: this live look from the golden gate
is meeting to decide whether to hire william bratton to help the police department deal with an out of control violence situation. joe vasquez is in oakland where some people think that there are better ways to spend the department's money. joe. >> reporter: allan, dozens of demonstrators are inside right now as the city council meeting is under way. there are perhaps as many police officers here to make sure the proceedings don't get out of control. meanwhile, it's the violence on the street that's out of control. several miles from here, in east oakland where this debate is resonating most profoundly. you want to know about violence in oakland? talk to gerline robertson. >> you have four sons? >> i have four sons. and out of the four sons, three of them been shot. and two of them been shot real severely. but through the grace of god they survived. >> reporter: at a time when politicians are debating whether to hire a $250,000 consultant and protesters are shouting down the debaters. >> no bratton, no contract. >> reporter: these offic
william bratton as a consultant. cbs 5 reporter joe vasquez is in oakland. joe, bratton's approval not a slam dunk, huh? >> reporter: not by any case. we're expecting a lively city council meeting, and already we're starting to see demonstrators arrive here in front of city hall. there is also a large police presence here at city hall. the topic, whether oakland should hire the former police chief of l.a. and new york william bratton as a consultant to the police department. the contract for $250,000 will be debated at a full meeting of the city council. last week it got rowdy at a criminal justice committee hearing. opponents of bratton say they're concerned about his adherence to a policy called stop and frisk. supporters say they want to do whatever is the right thing to stop this horrible and rising violent crime problem. as you say, the city council meetings starting within the hour here. we will monitor the events as the police here are expecting quite another rowdy meeting. >> all right. joe vazquez in oakland, thanks so much. >>
the controversial william bratton. the council also approved a hiring of 20 civilian staffers for the police department. the mayor says that will put 20 officers back on the streets. in addition, oakland will pay for the use of ten alameda county sheriff deputies to help patrol the city, and the council also approved another police academy. a ktvu news crew tracked down william bratton today to find out about his plans for oakland. he was found in detroit. only on 2 now, bratton's first on camera interview since the vote. >> reporter: phil bratton has a reputation as a reformer. the go to guy for police departments needing changes. tonight he's in detroit, but he will soon be in oakland. >> both of them have a concern about their high crime problem. both have been going through significant reductions. >> reporter: both are under federal oversight for misconduct. bratton says his first job is to meet key players in oakland, find out what's broken, and try to fix it. >> significantly focused within the department, looking at how they're fighting crime. how they might improve how they fight cr
whether to pay a quarter million dollars to hire william bratton who led police departments in new york, los angeles and boston. he has strong supporters and critics and a history of reducing crime but some are concerned about his zero tolerance and stop and frisk tactics. a meeting tonight talks about arming with police officers with stun gun, a pilot program would allow 100 officers to carry the tasers and would have special training to deal with mentally ill people. >>> the question for football fans, are you going to the super bowl? cate cauguiran is in santa clara with details on getting seats to the superdome. you're going to pay a pretty penny if you get the tickets. >> reporter: check your bank statement before you make that type of commitment, michelle. what i do know is season ticket holders were automatically entered into a raffle. today the season ticket holders will get a chance to know if they were given the opportunity to be entered or basically to buy those tickets. but if you are not a season ticket holder, the super bowl high could c
. >>> william bratton is now a consultant. the city plans to pay him $250,000 a year but some are protesting saying he is responsible for harsh policies in the nypd. >>> in just a few hours you can trade guns for cash. it is part of a first ever for gun buy back and they will pay $100 for guns. it is be at sonoma and contra costa counties but you must proof residency. here is a look at the five locations. they are open until 11:00 this morning and 5:00 at night including the novato police departments. also st. andrews church in marin city and at the point ray substation. >>> it could soon be on the books in new york. there are three things included in the legislation that is expected to pass the state's assembly this morning. >>> it is now likely there will be legal consequences after his interview with oprah whimphrey. now the u.s. government will make a lawsuit against him for making false claims. in australia they will ask for repayment for appearance fees there. >>> and in the san francisco bay, investigators now say the bar pilot made a last minute turn just before the tanker swiped th
universidad de california y colegios comunitarios universitarios . blanca --por otra parte, william bratton quien fue jefe de policia de nueva york, boston y los angeles y ahora ha sido contratado por oakland... take vo ...para dismunir el indice de violencia y criminalidad, al parecer podria implementar el mismo programa que logro, segun el, a bajar el nivel de crimen un 80 por ciento en nueva york entre 1990 y 2009. --esa tactica esta basada en combatir directa y efectivamente la venta de drogas en las calles. --la ciudad de oakland, vivio uno de sus mayores indices de homicidios el aÑo pasado. blanca ---ahora lo invitamos a ver las imagenes del dia... take pkg ---recuerde que continuamos trabajando para informarle en vivo a las once.. take vo ---enterese por que miles de tarjetas electronicas de beneficios para familias de bajos ingresos fueron canceladas en california, dejando a muchos sin alimentos
for former los angeles police chief william bratton. this is a live look inside the meeting at city council chambers. we have just learned that the meeting room is filled to capacity and is also running a little late because they're trying to figure out where to put this overflow crowd. outside demonstrators have also gathered. it could be very contentious tonight. we do have a reporter there and we'll have full coverage this evening on the 10:00 news. >>> gunfire broke out this weekend at the bay fair b.a.r.t. station in san leandro. killing one man and wounding one woman. we talked to some of the victim's family members the message they have for police investigating the case. >>> san jose police say they are looking for two to three men who pulled off a brazen home invasion robbery of an elderly couple. armed men broke into the couple's home on brethart drive just before 7:00 last night. they tied up the 72-year-old man and 76-year-old woman inside. >> they brandished weapons at them. they took several items of personal property belonging to those people and they made their get away in t
live at city hall. >> he is controversial but william bratton is coming to oakland. there were so many people at the meeting they had to use four rooms for overflow crowd. all the people filling up city hall. the meeting lasted until 2:30 this morning. the issue was whether to hire former police
up crime in los angeles and new york. former police chief william bratton is facing tough questions right. john is live in oakland and tells us his stop and frisk tactic is already in place. >> reporter: tonight, oakland city leaders are touting their newly hired police consultant bill bratton. they say hiring him will help fight crime here. >> i feel like i'm a broken record here. this police department practices constitutional policing. >> to meet with the leadership of the police department -- >> reporter: this afternoon, ken wayne caught up with bill bratton. >> a lot of our work is going to be very significantly focused within the department, looking at how they're fighting crime, how they might improve how they fight crime. >> reporter: bratton is known for a more aggressive policing style which includes stop and frisk. the chp has been using that method for decades. >> when we stop, we always have probable cause. sometimes it's based on a vehicle code violation. sometimes it's based upon things that occur within the view of the officer. >> reporter: in the past two and a hal
minutes, oakland city council members will need to decide whether to hire william bratton. jody? >> janelle, the council chambers inside city hall are absolutely packed. the fire marshal just asked folks to leave because there's not enough room. 200 people have signed up to speak at tonight's meeting. while bratton critics plan to be loud and boisterous, others in oakland say this crime-ridden city needs all the help it can get. >> it's hell. it's hell. it's hell on earth. >> reporter: that's how sandra describes what it's like living in this east oakland neighborhood, where an undercover police officer got beaten and shot in the arm last night. >> they're violating everybody else's constitutional rights. we can't walk our streets without worrying about a bullet coming our way. you know, they need to be stopped. >> reporter: tonight the oakland city council will vote on a controversial plan to hire former nypd and lapd chief bill bratton as a consultant. oakland's police chief said last night's shooting draws home a need for a plan. >> we need to take the resources, the very lim
william bratton to oakland. how did they vote? the story >> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, at 6:30 on wednesday morning. a picture from our emeryville cam paragraph the bay bridge and san francisco and beautiful shot on this wednesday morning. no frost out there. we may have some rain. >> a bit of a wednesday paradox. rain but it is a "spare the air" day. au pair -- parodox. >> the rain will not get rid of the matter in the air in the north bay where live doppler 7 hd is picking up the best radar runs over the land. best ones are over the ocean in yellow and orange. some possible light rain in the north bay right now. that is what we will have through 7:00, a steady or more widespread light rain through noon and 4:00 and scattered showers by 7:00, inland, there is no frost this morning. nothing to worry about there. temperatures will-out in the 50's with light rain developing there by noon, also, through 4:00, like we are having at the coast. you will be the first to see the rain as the system comes in from the west and it will taper to sho
angeles, william bratton, para que asesore a la policia local sobre tacticas de combate al crimen. ---maÑana martes, el comite de seguridad publica del cabildo decidiran la posible contratacion de bratton que tendria un contrato de 150 mil dolares por sus servicios. blanca ---esta tarde, el departamento de policia de san jose anuncio el nombramiento del jefe interino de la agencia... take vo ....mientras se busca al reemplazo de chris moore quien se jubila a partir de esta semana. ---se trata del sub-jefe larry esquivel, quien ha trabajado para el departamento desde 1986. ---desde su contratacion, esquivel ha trabajado en varios departamento s de la entidad incluido anti- narcoticos y operaciones especiales. cesar ---segun un articulo publicado por el diario san francisco chronicle, take vo ---en el sistema de transporte municipal de esa ciudad se pagaron 18 millones de dolares por concepto de horas adicionales de trabajo... ----segun el articulo, un mecanico llego a ganar mas de 163 mil dolares durante un aÑo por haber trabajado mil 954 horas adicionales... ---"ed reiskin", jef
have been resisted by oakland voters. that's what nypd william bratton is known for. and the city has proposed hiring him for $150,000 consultant contract. bratton is known for new york's stop and frisk policy, which was declared a violation of civil rights by a federal judge last week. critics of bratton expect to show up. >>> a shooting happened right in the afternoon. the city's gunshot detection system alerted police to that crime. officers responded and found 24-year-old jonathan behind an oakland street. he had been shot multiple times. a second victim showed up with gunshot wounds, as well. he's listed in critical condition. >>> a warning for women after a violent attack in a popular san francisco neighborhood. here's a sketch of a suspect that was released today. police say he tried to rape a 31-year-old woman in the mission district earlier this month. the victim says the man threw her to the pavement. and while straddling her, slammed her head to the concrete. police say she was able to scream for help and the suspect ran off. anyone with information is urged to contact poli
. >>> tonight the oakland city council will decide whether to hire high-profile police consult nt william bratton. bratton is the former chief of police of new york city and los angeles and is known for zero tolerance police strategies, including gang injunctions, curfews and no loitering laws. bratton is also known for new york's stop and frisk policy, a policy which a federal judge last week declared a violation of civil rights. >>> we have some new details to tell you about this morning into the investigation of the oil tanker that last week side-swiped the bay bridge. investigators telling the bay area news group a bar pilot guy clease made a last-minute course change right before hitting the tower on the western span. clease had apparently planned to go between the two towers near the middle of the bridge but then tried to turn that tanker to go through a different opening, which caused him to hit one of those towers. now, at this hour it's not clear why he made that last-minute change. >>> the search is on for a gunman who shot and killed a man not far from the east palo alto police
angeles william bratton quien podria ofrecer su asesoria para combatir la delincuencia que azota esa ciudad... ---bajo el contrato a analizarse, se pagaria un salario de 150 mil dolares.. ---bratton, quien tambien fungio como comisionado de policia de nueva york, es conocido por sus estrategias de cero tolerancia, toques de queda y una controversial politica de registro de personas en la calle por su apariencia de maleantes... ---tambien, esta noche un comite del cabildo analiza la autorizacion de otra academia de policia para contratar mas pesonal... blanca ---las demandas presentadas contra la compaÑia "pg&e" por la explosion de san bruno... take vo ....podrian no terminar en un tribunal para la realizacion de un juicio. ---los abogados de ambas partes, dicen tener un acuerdo para liquidar las querellas actuales, el cual podria quedar finiquitado dentro de los proximos 3 meses. ---mas de 320 residentes de la ciudad todavia tienen demandas por el estallido que mato a 8 personas y destruyo decenas de hogares. ---ya se ha llegado a un acuerdo en 120 demandas. topvo cesar ---segun nue
consultant william bratton. new tonight at eight. kron 4's reggie kumar is live outside oakland city hall. where tonight's meeting is already heating up. reggie? >> reporter: yes, pam. this former police chief and police commissioner in new york. he he is a advocate of this technique called stop & forest but this is also being possibly feud as racial profiling of the " stop and -- frisk'... this however, resulted in reactions from the crowd yelling out obscenities. some people had to be removed. residents, strongly opposing this. >> we do not condone racial profiling. we of work very hard and long to build relationships with this community it is a work in progress. i do not think we have to do that to anyone. if i think that you have a gun in your pocket? then i have a reasonable suspicion to stop you >> reporter: stop and frisk does not work look at the new york city. we need to find solutions that have statistical proof of their validity. the public safety committee will decide weather or not this will be confirmed the. if it is approved it will go to the city council and the will make
forward to having former new york police commissioner andless ang police chief william bratton on board for special consultant. >> have a national expert in rusting violence in larger city than oakland i think we have an opportunity to make an impact locally. >> anthony age 24. >>reporter: the hope east for fewer names to be called at this ceremony next year. in oakland, abc 7 news. >>> breaking news san francisc francisco. from the jefferson may son street area live pictures from sky 7 hd. the wharf area. number of shots fired on this new years eve. one person at least was hit. we understand that person shot in the hand so not life threatening injuries but several shots reportedly fired in this area of jefferson and mason street. again in san francisco fisherman wharf area. live pictures. continue to try to get you more information on exactly what happened. we don't know exactly why shots were fired. if it was celebration gun fair for some reason or was it some sort of deliberate act we'll keep you update jad moving on there's now a 15,000 dollar reward to fine the person who
council decision on whether to bring in former lapd chief william bratton to come here to oakland. the meeting almost a week ago was pretty contentious there. the idea met with quite a bit of uproar. that meeting is set to happen tomorrow night at 5:30. >> okay, stephanie, thank you. >>> we're also following another breaking story in the south bay. a frightened neighborhood in san jose after a home invasion. an elderly couple the victims of this crime. the attack happened on bret harte drive. george, what do we know at this hour? >> well, police are looking for the robbers right now. they just cleared the scene here just a few minutes ago, but neighbors are clearly scared after three men forced themselves into a home and tied up an elderly couple, holding them against their will. police say the robbers ransacked the home and they were in there for quite some time. investigators say the robbers stole a number of things and then took off in the victim's two cars. police say the suspects had weapons, but would not say what type. at some point, either the husband or the wife untied hi
consultant, william bratton, former chief of los angeles and new york city will be consulted to reduce problems in oak. but tempers flared over possible available filing because he favored "stop and frisk" where police can stop anyone they think is suspicious. the oakland city council will take up the meeting tonight. >> in san francisco the use of tasers is the focus of a community meeting. right now the san francisco police department is the only agency in the bay area that does not use stun guns. the chief wants do launch a pilot program to he quinn -- to equip officers with tasers. >> the governor's proposed education will be discussed for education for $371 million for the university california and the plan to allocate $10 million for online solutions to help students pass high demand courses were the board tables fees that would affect senior whose register for a heavy course loads and student whose repeat courses. the person low park city council will constitute another facebook expansion, on to a 22 acre piece of property across the street from the current location on willow ro
contract for an outside security consulting, which could include former new york city police chief william bratton. at a 5 hour public safety committee meeting last week, oakland activists crowded into the chamber to voice their concerns about britain's " zero tolerance " policy in and new york city's extreme a controversial stop and frisk policy. oakland mayor jean quan and police chief howard a jordan both voiced support for britain's appointment. what everyone can agree on. is that something has to be done. which opens on staff to police apartment facing a 23% rise in violent crime over the past year. >> new this morning, caltran will begin making repairs to date to the bay bridge fender that was damaged when the oil tanker struck earlier this month. to get you more news faster we will go to jackie sizzled who is live from treasure island. >> it was on january 7th when the overseas reymar crashed into the fender. there was no damage to the bridge but the fender did sustain damage. according to caltran it may cost two to $3 million for them to replace, or repair the fender. they stated t
, william bratton....fuertes criticas ha generado esto por su respaldo a medidas como requisas al azar a personas en la calle...algunos dicen que lo que se necesita es mano dura de que se necesita si se necesita la policia tambien recupero varias armas y estan determinando si estan conectadas a algun tiroteo...con esto cesar ---esta noche el concejo de oakland tambien debatira otra medida local que ha causado malestar entre muchos comerciantes... take vo ---se trata de una ordenanza que fue aprobada preliminarmente el mes pasado bajo la cual se aplicarian condenas mas fuertes a las personas declaradas culpables de pintar grafiti... ---la medida aumentaria las multas que dichos sujetos pagarian e inclusive podrian ir a la carcel... ---sin embargo, el plan tambien impondria una multa a los comerciantes si despues de 15 dias, no limpian el grafiti pintado en las paredes de sus negocios... blanca ---la policia de brentwood sigue tras la pista de varios hombres armados que abrieron fuego contra 4 adolescentes la noche de ayer. pitch - cesar ---esta tarde, las autoridades revelaron el posibl
spike strips to take out his tires and arrest him. >>> they approved a contract to hire william bratton as a consultant. the vote came 2:00 a.m. after hours of public comment. many hired him because they believe he support aggressive police tactics. >>> flames were deliberately part of a display and the flames took on more than the display. here is more from the mission district with more on how this happened and how somebody now could face criminal charges. >> reporter: yes, the gallery owner could be in hot water and the display was made out of 2 5,000 matches. it was a map of the united states and by lighting it, it caused quite a bit of damage at the annex. fire crews were called out when smoke and flames were shooting out of the area. he creates maps and sometimes militant messages out of matches and as part of the exhibit, they are lit on fire but the problem with this is that it caused a safety hazard. it affected the building next door and caused $5,000 in damage to the ceilings annuals. while the -- and walls. while he did not mean any harm, he could face charges of arson. the
. oakland will spend more than 750,000 dollars which includes the police chief william bratton but many don't approval because he approves stop and frisk policies. >> you don't have the proper man to implement this and you are basically blowing money. >> bringing the change may not be the solution in the long run but in the short-term, you need to vote your conviction and you need to keep the faith. >> reporter: the contract passed with an amendment emphasizing it will not allow any and if i have people are in police -- 5 people are in police custody after sparking a shooting in seminary yesterday. they detained three other people for questioning and the officer who was wounded is now out of the hospital. >>> they were taken to the hospital after a car crashed into a tree. it happened on hicks road on camden avenue. they described the driver as a young male adult and a female passenger was also in the car and no word on what caused the adult to loss control of the car. >>> it happened just before 3:00 an haze valley. arson investigators believe it was started by something inside a blue bin
approved the hiring of william bratton and this hearing ended at 2:30 this morning. abc 7 news spoke with brat ontoday, brat onseems confident he can make a difference in spite of the controversy. >> remember that adage success breeds success? well, it's followed this police chief from new york to los angeles and he tell meez there are strategy that's will work in oakland. in detroit he's trying to dot same there. >> bill brat onis confident. >> i've never had to hear in km crime did not go down in the city. that i was working in. crime continued to go down. >> the philosophy is control behavior of criminals, flood hot spots with officers. the places where most of the violent crimes take place. the hot spots where the drug marketplaces were host shootings occurred. he reassigned hundreds to the narcotics unit. drug-related homicides dropped. >> we do it by controlling illegal behavior. you effectively reduce the amount of crime and number of people committing crimes. >> one of the tools is the controversial stop and frisk. a tactic fueled anger among many residents afraid it will res
william bratton, former new york city police commissioner and lapd chief who has come under fire for aggressive policing tactic autos neither the devil which is to say nor savor, part of a team. >> this particular splan not about bill bratton but policy partnerships. bill bratton is a member of the team. >> the council approved other crime fighting measures including an additional police academy. the hiring of two sfgs technicians and the interim use of 11 sheriff deputies to help suppression efforts. >> council members got an earful about why they shouldn't hire him but tonight he says he's ready to take on the challenge of facing oakland's soaring crime rate. vick? >> i shock with bill brat onin detroit. he's trying to do the same turn around there. he told me he's eager to start in oakland. he says he's going focus on gangs and guns in oakland and he has no doubt he'll be successful. >> bill bratton is confident he'll reduce crime in the city of oakland. >> i've never had a yir in which crime did not go down in the city i was working in. all of the cities after i left, crime c
with ways to reduce gun violence. the forum starts at 10:45 our time. >> here is a story only on 2, william bratton sat down to talk with us about his first order of business in the city. right now he is in detroit and he will start his consulting job in oakland next month. his first order in oakland is to learn what is not working in the city so i can fix it. >> it is about looking at how they might fight crime and improve the fight to fight crime. >> reporter: his hiring was controversial because of the stop and frisk policy which some believe could lead to racial profiling. bratton said that is not the case. >>> let's see how it is looking out there, sal? >> reporter: it is exactly right, we are getting more and more people out there and still on 880, it has not reached a critical level and drive times are low as you drive from san jose to cupertino. same thing for sunole grade. let's go back to rosemary orozco. >>> it is still a little damp but most of the rain has stopped falling and we will continue with a possibilities of a few scattered showers and outside of that mostly cloudy and
. >>> mayor ed lee was asked about how he felt about oakland's decision to hire william bratton. mayor ed lee said he is surprised he is talking about the police procedures he will suggest for oakland. >> i was surprised that former chief bratton talked about it. but i think she doing the same thing i did. thinking outloud about the things that -- outlet loud about the things that out to be -- out loud about the things that ought to be considered. >> he is working to reduce violence in detroit. >>> most of us are try -- dry right now. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the system and which parts of the bay area will get wet. >> showers falling in the valley today and east bay valleys. but most of us have seen nothing. you can see the system. here it is down here. spinning moisture to the north. moving into the bay area. showers in the lever more valley. you see this -- livermore valley. you see this, this is where it is been all day. showers in livermore. light rain there. fremont showers earlier today. south, san jose, showers down there now. sclera showers -- santa clara, showe
with the hiring of police consultant william bratton kron 4's reggie kumar is reporting >> .from oakland live tonight. where protesters are still gathered in front of city hall. new tonight at eight. reaction from a witness who saw a man trying to kidnap a teenage girl in san jose. this is security footage of the girl breaking away from her would- be abductor. and running down the sidewalk in an attempt to escape. kron-4's philippe djegal is in san jose with what one woman saw. the 49ers are now just ten days away from the super bowl. today, quarterback colin kaepernick livened things up for those in the media. when he ordered at least 15 pizzas for reporters. kron 4's j.r. stone was there and has more with colin kaepernick. 49ers qb colin kaepernick better be ready because in new orleans he?ll see even more cameras, microphones, and questions. some of which will may sound like this. well that?s good to know. when it comes to the actual game kaepernick says he respects the ravens and their star linebacker ray lewis. as for advice. kaep says it?s come from many including former niner greats jo
angeles police chief william bratton, says it's necessary to get illegal guns off the streets. but stop and frisk policies vary between cities and are under heavy scrutiny by civil rights advocates. >> you don't get to stop random people walking down the street just because an african- american male, just because they're young, because they live in a certain neighborhood. we are against that. >> every police department in america does it. the challenge is to do it constitutionally within the law. the challenge is to do it compassionately. you're dealing with human beings. >> if the city council approves his contract as expected, he will start work in oakland february 10. >>> on the national level now, president obama is expected to introduce new gun control proposals in the coming days. and those proposals will likely include bans on some weapons, as well. susan mcginnis reports, gun owner advocates are geared up to block such efforts. >> reporter: president obama says he is putting together his plan to reduce gun violence. >> members of co
is hiring more help for its police department. william bratton will become the consultant. anne makovec has the vote that happened about three hours ago. >> reporter: it was a marathon meeting. just after 2 a.m., the city council approved a contract with bill bratton by a vote of 7-1 including a provision emphasizing that whatever policies may come from the consultant will not permit any racial profiling. some people in the audience don't believe it. >> what he's doing elsewhere it may have worked doesn't mean it's going to work here! and if that's the case, then
. >> reporter: we are talking about the super cop, former police chief william bratton, widely credited with turning around the crime problems in new york and l.a. now oakland wants to hire him for a quarter of a million dollars to help the police department come up with a crime- fighting strategy. i talked to him by satellite from new york today, his first tv interview. if the city council approves his contract and they will be considering it tomorrow, bratton says his first day in oakland will be february 10. >> i will be in and out of the city over the period of several months. i am not coming in to spend three or four months continually there. this is a very small contract. >> reporter: there are some who are questioning the wisdom of paying $250,000 in a cash- strapped city to a consultant. what do you say to those critics? >> reporter: that's up to your mayor and city council. i'm quite clear about my capabilities. the issues your city is facing particularly issues involving not only a crime situation but trying to address it at the same time you
council meeting, it hired william bratton, the former los angeles police chief, as a consultant. last year, there were 117 gun deaths in oakland and 14 since the shooting in newtown, connecticut, six weeks ago. we asked john blackstone to look into this. >> it's just a war zone that's going on. >> reporter: hundreds of oakland residents attended last night's city council meeting. jessica hauly is an expectant mother.Ñi >> i tried to talk about this a lot before i came because i didn't want to cry. i'm sad and scared to be having a black boy in oakland! >> reporter: that fear of gun violence is shared by vice mayor larry reid. >> when i go out into community meetings, i have a bulletproof vest that i wear, but i don't have a gun. >> reporter: oakland has a long history of crime linked to drugs, gangs and poverty, but on a single day this month four people were shot dead within six hours. what's the cause of this crime surge in oakland? >> it's too many guns on the streets in the hands of young people that aren't afraid to take your life or my life. >> reporter: vice mayor reid also blames
meeting. now this proposed plan would include hiring former los angeles police chief william bratton as a consultant on crime. protestors claim bratton would bring a racist crime fighting program to oakland. the full city council will vote on this next week. >>> san jose police are searching for a man they say tried to kidnap a two-year-old girl. they say it happened last night on dayo court. the suspect described as latino man between 20 and 30 years old. he was wearing a red baseball hat, blue jeans and a yellow striped shirt. the mother of the child says that suspect smelled like automotive oil. >>> just days after the dream liner started flying in and out of the bay area it has been grounded. lorraine blanco is at mineta san jose airport with the latest problem to plague this troubled plane. janine. >> reporter: pam, since friday's inaugural flight four flights have taken off with no problems. until further notice they are going to be grounded here. the temporary grounding is because of this. last night an airways flight made an emergency landing in western japan. reporting burni
are protesting the hiring of william bratton. >>> it is 7:36. san francisco international airport could be getting a new name. brian flores is live in san francisco with the possible change and why it would be a first. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning. 41million passengers pass through sfo every single year but by the end of the year, they could actually be passing through the harvey milk san francisco international airport if legislation goes through. now, city supervisor david campos today will introduce a charter amendment to propose to remain sfo. according to the chronicle, he's gotten support of four other supervisors. now, milk, a former supervisor, became one of the first openly gay men elected to public office in the u.s. when he won a seat on the board of supervisors back in 1977. he was assassinated at city hall more than a year later. now, there were a few people we spoke with this morning when just want this to remain sfo. quite a few people are voicing opinions on our facebook page. some say the name is appropriate. >> hopefully, residents of san francisco --
of bringing william bratton to oakland. before the vote, the city council got an earful. the public comment session started at 10:00. they did not vote until 2:30 this morning. bratton is controversial because he supported "stop and frisk" tactic. some worry that leads to racial profiling. supporters say bratton improved new york and los angeles when he worked in those cities. oakland needs his help. >> crime went down in los angeles and he helped to get minority people working. the complaint levels went down in that city. it was a change for the good and for the better. >> you keep pouring money into people from identified of our community to solve the problems of violence in our community. violence is a language of the unheard so you need to start listening to the people who actually live here when they are telling you what it is they want, what they need. >> this city will pay the consulting firm that brat were works for $250,000. an oakland police chief and mayor says that brat were will will -- says that bratton will not support available profiling and the city will make the final deci
chief william bratton. dozens of the city's resident voiced concern about the hiring of bratton, due to his seemingly random "frisk and search" policy to combat violent crime. but oakland police chief howard jordan insists that bratton's policies will not interfere with the police department's efforts to build a relationship with the community. >> we do not condone racial profiling. we have worked hard and long to build relationships. i did not want to throw that away. >> the oakland city council is split on whether they should hire bratton. it is expected to make a hiring decision at its meeting next tuesday. a chilly start but not quite as cold as the last couple of mornings. >> as we take a look at the temperatures we are very similar than just 24 hours ago below freezing and in some areas, napa. of vallejo but not quite as cold as the heart of the bay. but we are still below freezing for the inland communities. surprisingly, the national weather service did not issue a frost advisories. the dewpoint are actually higher so that means that we are seeing more moisture. it is probabl
-- a consulting agreement which would bring in. former -new york police chief william bratton. he is known for his controversial "stop and frisk" policy. also for his success in fighting crime in new york and l.a.. some people are not happy about the idea of him coming to oakland. kron 4's terisa estacia is live tonight -- where that council meeting is just minutes away. terisa? not very many people are happy about >> reporter: these doors will open at 5:30 so far, i've seen about 50-60 people attending. earlier, i spoke with an oakland resident. do you believe that having this would be a good idea. >> no. i think he is the wrong answer for oakland. he has the track record, beat los angeles in oakland of deteriorating relationship between the police force and the community. the oakland police department is already a mess. you have somebody that is coming in from outside we do not want somebody to contribute to its worst. we need somebody that is going to make improvements to the city of oakland. >> reporter: these live pictures are showing the people that have shown up. many people expected this w
william bratton. >> i think they're doing it as much as of a pr move as anything else. >> reporter: bratton is viewed as an over zealous police leader. >> they try these practices like gang injunctions, like curfews and oakland residents reject them. >> reporter: after 126 homicides last year and a dwindling force, bratton's expertise is needed. >> i think he's a wonderful leader in law enforcement. i look guard to working with him. i don't expect any of the controversy that is surrounding him to be an issue for us. >> reporter: if you ask new city council member noel it appears city leaders are ready to approve the $250,000 contract for his services. >> that's governments primary responsibility is to guarantee the safety and security of its people. >> reporter: the public safety committee meets at 5:30 tonight. although they plan to protest, the committee is expected to approve that contract. live in oakland, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we caught up with governor jerry brown and asked if he plans to provide resources to help curb violence in the city where he once served
an outside team. protesters disrupted the meeting any time someone spoke in support of hiring william bratton who's credited with turning around the l.a. and san francisco police department. >> one man shouted back at the hecklers. >> reporter: this oakland moment said she lived in l.a. when bratton was chief there. >> he told his officers that los angeles was beirut and they should patrol as such. what do you think did to the officers that were working that the time. >> reporter: one man said it was stock and frisk that took the life of his son. >> we can't get alan back. we can't accept anyone to go through what we went there. >> reporter: chief jordan says stop and frisk has been uncharacterrized. >> i'm the one that's going to decide what practice we're going to do and how we're going to do it because i'm going to be responsible. bill brantton will give me advice and it's up to me to approve it. >> it'll be up to the council and it'll be up for a vote in a week. amber lee, ktvu. >>> we caught up with jerry brown and asked him what could be done about crime. >> it's a matter of responding
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